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Just Catch It was founded in 2010.  Over the years the studio has expanded to multiple instructors, competition groups and parade performances.  We offer quality instruction for children age 5 - adult.  Just Catch It seeks to promote baton twirling as an activity where kids can have fun and make new friendships while learning life skills for success.  We strive to pass on the finest in baton technique and choreography while providing a positive environment conducive to greater self confidence and self esteem.  We focus on teaching our students proper twirling and dance technique while instilling in them a desire to be their best.

Class content, costumes, and music is always age appropriate.  We support family values and make sure students are only exposed to positive things that are suitable for their ages.

All classes are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings in the gym at the First Methodist Church in Murrysville on Old William Penn Highway.  Classes begin each September and run through April with a studio recital at the end of April.

Recital Classes

These classes are for those girls looking to learn basic skills at a slower pace.  

Twirling starts as young as 5 years of age.  Students learn baton twirling skills with some body combinations. We also stress the ability to "feel the beat" of the music and to "listen to musical phrasing" while twirling.


Group classes are divided by skill level.  We love it when friends take lessons together and practice at home together. 

Twirlers learn new skills and a routine that highlights those skills which is performed during the recital in May.  

Competition Teams

Competition Teams are for those girls wanting to move at a faster pace, are willing to practice on their own, and are looking for more serious learning.  Students planning on twirling in high school or college should twirl on a competitive team at some point.  

Students with at least 2 years of experience are eligible to become part of one of our competition teams.  We are looking for students who are excited about twirling and are ready for a fun challenge!

The competitive teams are for dedicated students (and parents) who would like to take their training and classes to a more serious level.  Students are excited to learn, practice and compete.  The goal of each competition is to score higher than the previous competition.  

Twirlers on the competitive teams learn how to twirl together as a team, work with partners, learn floor movements, and performance techniques.

Students will travel (transportation provided by parents) to participate in 3-5 competitions per year within a 40 minute drive. 

Class Placement Decisions


Class placement decisions are made based on the many years of teaching experience those of us on staff have.  The decision is based on aspects including technical advancement, maturity, behavior, individual work ethic in class and at home.


Sometimes, if a student is pushed to a higher level, they can become overwhelmed and in turn, lose their passion.  Other students placed in a higher level class become encouraged and challenge themselves to work harder.


Placement decisions are highly individual and the factors included are very complex.


We do not make group placement decisions based on friendships with other studio members.  Class placement is used to ensure that every twirler is working at their full potential and is continually progressing in the abilities.


We thank you in advance for trusting us as professionals in determining your child's placement in classes.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are for those students interested in progressing their twirling skills at a faster pace.  Private students have the opportunity to take their routine to competitions. Twirlers interested in being part of a high school or college majorette line should begin private lessons around grade 6.  

Students taking private lessons can focus on skills or on learning a routine that can be performed at competitions or in the end of year recital.


The studio marches in 1 parade.  Participation in parades is optional.  The parade routine is taught during class time, even if your child chooses not to participate in a parade, she will still learn the routine.  

Here are the parades for 2023.

  • The Oakmont Light-Up Night Parade in November - students wear black pants and some Christmas themed red/white/green top.

About Us 

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