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Studio Handbook

Click here to read and print out the Studio Handbook of policies.

Crocs, flip-flops, any kind of boot, as well as blue jeans that restrict movement, are forbidden to be worn at any time during lessons.



Tuition is pro-rated and based on a 8-month twirling year (September - April).  It remains the same each month whether it is a long (5-week)or a short (3-week) month, regardless of absences. Your tuition will remain the same throughout the twirling year.  Tuition is due by the 15th of each month.  There will be a $15 late charge if payment is received after the 20th of each month.


There are no refunds or deductions for classes not attended.  


Family Discounts


For families with multiple children, the second and subsequent sibling receives a 25% discount on her monthly tuition. 




Tuition Rates for 2023- 2024

All 30 minute classes are $50 per month           


Private Lessons are 30 minutes in length.      The cost is $25 per lesson.


Competition teams:

    Sapphire & Diamond Teams:  45 minute per week - $70/month

    Junior Team:  1 hour per week - $80/month

    Senior Team:  90 minutes per week - $90/month

*There is a 25% discount for a sibling on the monthly tuition rates.



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